Janatha Garage has collected more than eighteen crores share in Telangana state that is highest in Tarak career. The film heading towards twenty crores share in Nizam region. The film has collected around seven crores in Visakapattanam and surroundings. Janatha Garage has collected one lakh forty thousand share on twentieth day in Krishna District and total would be four crore twenty one lakhs and the film mint five crore, sixty five lakhs in Guntur district. In USA, distributor got sixty lakhs decent profit with this film.

Janatha Garage Twenty Days Total Collections

Nizam - 18.24 Crores
Vizag - 7.11 Crores    
East - 4.79 Crores      
West - 4.18 Crores    
Krishna - 4.23 Crores      
Guntur - 5.83 Crores      
Nellore - 2.18 Crores      
Ceeded - 11.3 Crores    

AP & TG - 57.9 Crores
World wide share would be 80 crores Approximately